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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Alaska - Fluoride advisory vote

If it gets enough Assembly support, April's city ballot could also include an advisory question: Should fluoride be used in city water?
Assemblywoman Amy Demboski, sponsor of the proposal, has said that while she personally supports water fluoridation, she thinks people should have a chance to voice their opinions.
As an advisory question, the outcome of the vote wouldn't change city law, but it could influence future Assembly actions.
Dustin Darden, the lead sponsor of the fluoride petitions, said Monday he "absolutely" supported Demboski's move. He said he didn't necessarily expect fluoride opponents to quit collecting signatures for two separate petitions related to fluoride that are currently circulating, however.

"The more direct route would be an absolute vote," said Darden, who said an advisory vote would be second best.But he added: "We'll take the advisory vote, because it gets it out to the open quicker."


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