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UK Against Fluoridation

Saturday, December 10, 2016

USA - Fake science behind fluoride

Most people have now heard about fake news influencing the American voter this election cycle. Little attention is given to the fake science that corporations have been using to promote and sell their products that harm us and our environment. Public water fluoridation is one of the first examples of this trickery and still promoted by the dental industry today.

Valid up-to-date science now labels fluoride as an endocrine disrupter, neurotoxin, harmful to our children and ineffective when taken internally. The Rutland City taxpayer will pay $10,000 this coming year to contaminate our public drinking water supply with fluorosilicic acid. The industry’s money and influence on the Vermont Department of Health’s promotion of water fluoridation allows our medical and dental professions to fall right in line with the outdated science supported by Commissioner Harry Chen of the state Health Department. 

Rutland City residents do not have to trust in the fake science and misinformation promoted by the chemical corporations selling this contaminant. Research for yourself (fluorosilicic acid) which the industry calls fluoride to make it profitable. Ask Jeff Wennberg to produce the science showing fluoride is safe for human consumption. Let’s not waste taxpayer money on using toxic waste to medicate our population without their informed consent.

To date over 300 scientific studies have shown fluoride’s ability to damage the brain as a neurotoxin, including a report authored by the U.S. National Research Council, a meta-analysis published by a team of Harvard scientists, and a review published in The Lancet showing low levels of fluoride potentially harming brain development in infants. One of the chemicals in toxic PFOA is fluoride and we know PFOA contamination increases the risk of cancer. Let us save the taxpayer money by pulling the $10,000 line item out of the city budget, which the city will use to purchase this toxic waste product. Give people a choice. Please weigh in with the mayor and our Board of Aldermen. Contact our Board of Aldermen asking they cut the $10,000 line item for fluorosilicic acid out of this year’s city budget as a cost-saving measure. 

We can all choose to become water protectors in Rutland City as demonstrated by the Sioux Nation of Standing Rock, North Dakota. We can have choice. We now know there is better science on fluoride than there was in 1950. Let the discussion begin. Again. Town Meeting Day is March 7, 2017.



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