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Friday, December 09, 2016

Concern over 'low uptake' of NHS staff having flu jab

Less than half of frontline NHS staff had the flu jab last year, according to a report.
AMs on the assembly's health committee were left "concerned" that just 46% of staff were vaccinated in 2015-16............
Don't blame them nor would I. My sister in law in a home was given a pneumonia jab and within a couple of weeks she was dead from pneumonia. The hospital  dehydration didn't help, still it was a happy release as she had no quality of life.


  • It says on the NHS website that the flu vaccine is 63% effective. This is a complete lie. The prestigious Cochrane Institute carried out intensive research on the flu vaccine and concluded it to be only 2% effective and not at all in infants and seniors over 65. The truth is that vaccines are a total scam and actually cause the diseases they are claimed to prevent. A large majority of people who get the flu jab get the flu and many elderly people develop pneumonia and die.

    The NHS staff who refuse the flu jab do so because they see first hand that it is both dangerous and ineffective.

    By Anonymous Carrie, at 11 December, 2016  

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