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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Today there’s “fake news” and everyone’s an expert on social media but print publications are held to a higher standard of credibility. In 2007 Dr. Williams’ reported the average human testosterone level dropping at a rate of one percent per year. He postulated that the astounding decrease in testosterone hormone and sperm count was linked to estrogen-like compounds in our water supply, namely fluoridated water. I wondered if that also affected purebred dogs.

Is your stud dog having breeding or fertility problems? Low libido or conception rate? Sperm count is low but your veterinarian is stumped?

Dr. David Williams is considered “the doctor’s doctor” in human medicine and I saved that article even though we had been on well water for over 30 years and our dogs had no fertility or hormone problems. That’s significant because today many of my dog friends are confiding in me, asking for help as their breeding program shrinks.

So I started rummaging through old paper files instead of google… Found the fluoride article. Learned that for decades, most people have been consuming on average, over 5 mg of fluoride daily instead of the 1 mg of 50 years ago. According to Dr. Williams, fluoridated drinking water is only supposed to be from 0.7 to a maximum of 1.2 mg per liter. So we are consuming FIVE TIMES THAT MUCH fluoride! Think about it. If you’re on municipal water, you are drinking a chemical that was used for building the atomic bomb! Okay, so that was then… but today fluorocarbons are used in the production of plastics, pesticides, and even pharmaceuticals.

Sure, fluoride is “natural” because it’s in the soil and water but the amount we would consume from well-water and unprocessed food is only 0.02 to 2.00 parts per million. Instead we are getting an average of 5 parts per million from fluoridated tap-water, soft drinks and food that’s processed using fluoridated water. Obviously that includes pet food.

You may be beyond child-bearing age or consider your family complete but if you are reading this, you probably plan to breed your super-dog or beautiful bitch. Now that you think about it, there have been whispers about several top studs “missing” bitches. Well, keep reading because excess fluoride does more than cause sterility.

Here is Dr. Williams’ list:.......................


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