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UK Against Fluoridation

Monday, December 19, 2016

Flouride is a question of personal liberty

Regarding fluoridation of Durango’s water, let’s assume that it does help the dental health of children whose parents fail to give them fluoride toothpaste. But does that mean that all children who already use fluoride toothpaste and others must be subjected to fluoridated water? This is a question of personal liberty, and that is why it is for the people of Durango who drink the water to decide.
Many people lack sufficient vitamin D, and the science shows that even large doses don’t hurt you. Does that mean we should put vitamin D in the water too? What else might we put in there? This issue reminds me of the old “Batman” show where the Joker turns Gotham’s water to jelly. Jelly (and fluoride) may be great and all, but shouldn’t we as individuals and parents decide whether and how to ingest it?
The issue of making fluoride available to the less-fortunate children of our community is important. We should take the money we now spend on fluoridation and spend it on education and free toothpaste programs, which will help kids not on the city water system, too.
Sign the petition to get the issue on the ballot. You can find out how at www.cleanwaterdurango.org.


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