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UK Against Fluoridation

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

UK - Councillors Support Plans to Add Water to Fluoride Supplies in Hull

Councillors Support Plans to Add Water to Fluoride Supplies in Hull

Sample News BigCouncillors in Hull have voted in favour of adding fluoride to water supplies.
In a recent vote, Labour councillors voted overwhelmingly in favour of plans to add fluoride to water supplies in Holderness and parts of Hull. Those in favour claim that the move will help to reduce the number of children affected by tooth decay and boost standards of oral health in the area.
Officials are now consulting with members of East Riding Council as initial plans show the water course running through towns in the region, including Hornsea and Withernsea.
Councillor Colin Inglis, chair of Hull Health and Wellbeing Board, claimed that the decision would represent the “biggest single action” taken by the council to improve standards of public health in Hull.
Plans to add fluoride to municipal water supplies have been endorsed by public health experts and local health professionals. More than 43 percent of children have signs of decay and standards of dental health are among the worst in the country. Fluoride helps to reduce the risk of tooth decay by protecting the hard enamel coating of the teeth.
The council will now liaise with East Riding Council and notify the Health Secretary of plans for water fluoridation. A public consultation will then be opened.

Wake up Hull you have to stop them. Do you want 200 tonnes of toxic waste dripped into your drinking water each year. 


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