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UK Against Fluoridation

Monday, October 31, 2016

USA - Beware Fluoride! Coming to Long Island’s Water Supplies?

Beware Fluoride! Coming to Long Island’s Water Supplies? Get Informed
What you don’t know about fluoride can hurt you. The remedy: “The Case Against Fluoride” is must-see TV on Cable 115 every Tuesday

By nyscof (Open Post) - October 30, 2016 7:53 pm ET

According to the NYS Department of Health’s former Dental Director, Long Island is newly targeted (slide 5) for fluoridation – the addition of fluoride chemicals into public water supplies – a scientifically indefensible method to reduce tooth decay in tap water drinkers.

Even though some local legislators passed laws banning fluoridation, Long Islanders can’t be complacent. State laws were enacted to mandate fluoridation to nullify the power of local fluoridation-rejecting municipalities in both California and Arkansas.

Furthermore, the NYS Governor’s budget was recently used to create a new law, without going through normal legislative process, to protect fluoridation. Also buried in the budget is $10 million in fluoridation grants to preserve or instigate fluoridation.

Future budgets possibly may hide a fluoridation state mandate law overriding local fluoridation opposition, especially if residents don’t notify their state elected leaders of their opposition, many of whom don’t read all the details in the Governor’s proposed budgets before approving it.

A 2014 letter encouraging fluoridation was sent to all NYS Health Commissioners from the NYS Dept of Health indicating “…the expansion of water fluoridation [is] a priority…”

The NYS Dept of Health has already conducted fluoridation spokesperson training all over the state including SUNY- Farmingdale to teach attendees how to lobby in favor of fluoridation.

A Nassau/Suffolk oral health coalition member requirement was that any potential joiner had to take an oath to promote the NYS Dental Plan which includes fluoridation.

Hydrofluosilicic acid, the most-used fluoridation chemical, a lead- and arsenic-laced waste product of phosphate fertilizer manufacturing is never purified before injecting into the public’s water supplies.

Fluoridation began in 1945 with the mistaken belief that ingested fluoride is essential for healthy teeth. Science proved that theory is wrong.

“I never thought this out-dated concept would ever be started in modern times; but I was wrong,” says Carol Kopf who spearheaded the effort that stopped fluoridation in Levittown in 1983 and who now volunteers for both the Fluoride Action Network and the NYS Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc.

“I’ve learned that politics, not science, supports fluoridation," says Kopf.

Long Islanders need to know that consuming a fluoride-free diet does not cause tooth decay. But ingesting fluoride can have serious side effects.

Most alarming is the never-expected new evidence that fluoride gets into and alters the brain which is only now being studied by the US National Toxicology Program

Long Island’s water supplies already have some serious contamination issues as revealed in testimony presented to a NYS legislative meeting on September 12 in Smithtown.

“My testimony is here,” says Kopf

“Lobbied legislators shouldn’t prescribe medicine, deliver it by water engineer and dose it based on thirst and not age, weight, health and need and monitored for complications,” says Kopf.

Further, there is no knowledge about how fluoridation chemicals interact with any other water additives or contaminants.

Long Island has a history of rejecting fluoridation without consequence. Levittown, Carle Place and the towns bordering NYC stopped fluoridation. The Suffolk County legislature rejected their Health Commissioner’s attempt to mandate fluoridation in the 1990’s.

NYS’s own statistics show fluoridation has no relationship to more or less tooth decay and doesn’t close the income disparity gap.

While the nation, which is 2/3 fluoridated, is experiencing a tooth decay epidemic, non-fluoridated Nassau and Suffolk County’s tooth decay rates declined from 50% and 54% in 2004 to 41.9% and 48.7% in 2012, respectively.

"We hope Long Island groups and associations will join us in opposing fluoridation. Fluoride is readily available for anyone who believes they need it. Fluoride should be an individual's choice - not a legislator's choice," says Kopf


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