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Thursday, October 27, 2016

UK - Bradford children's oral health improving, says report

ORAL health of five-year-olds across the district is improving, according to a new report.
Cllr Val SlaterFigures show that the average number of decayed, missing and filled teeth in youngsters was 1.5 in 2014-15 – compared to 1.98 in 2011-12 and 2.42 in 2007-08.
Bradford Council's public health department is carrying out several measures to bring about improvement, including work by health visitors at six to 12 months for all infants and a community-based fluoride varnish programme for children aged two to four.
Councillor Val Slater (pictured), the Council's deputy leader and portfolio holder for health and wellbeing, said: "Giving children the best start in life is one reason why improving the oral health of our youngsters remains a key public health priority for the Bradford district.
"No child should suffer from tooth decay, but it's still a significant problem nationally and it remains one of the most common reasons for hospital admissions for children aged five to nine despite the fact it is almost entirely preventable.
"Early intervention with families is key to making sure parents and their children understand the importance of having good oral health. Learning to brush teeth properly with a family fluoride toothpaste as soon as they appear, reducing the amount of sugary food and drinks children consume and regular visits to a dentist are steps every parent can take to help ensure their children's teeth remain healthy."


TheMiller8:08am Thu 27 Oct 16
Hmmm - Just for Info - here is the full paragraph from the actual report - which can be found on the link below - Both the T&A and Ms Slater seem to have "accidentally" missed out the last sentence - IE the "bad news" bit !

"Update on the Oral Health of Children in Bradford District. The oral health of young children is monitored by a 3 yearly survey and the latest survey for 2014/15 shows a significant improvement for Bradford district; the average, (or mean), decayed missing and filled teeth (dmft) in 5 year old children was 1.5 in 2014/15 .
However, rates of decay and dmft in children remain above regional and national averages and hence, there still needs to be a major focus on prevention and early intervention work in this area. "


In fact if you read the report itself you will find that Bradford City still has some of the worst levels of child tooth decay in the country - and the situation in the City itself does not seem to be getting any better. In fact the only thing saving Bradford is the situation in Airedale & Wharfdale. The figure is 4.1 in Bowling and around 2.0 in almost every other city center ward in Bradford showing little or no improvement on the 2012 average.

Its funny how they can put a positive spin on this when only a fortnight ago they were reporting that people were generally unable to find an NHS dentist in Bradford and waiting 6 months+ for treatment or even being advised to take their children into A&E instead.

Anyway another bit of T&A/Council collaboration spin quashed...


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