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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Cairns doctors table petition in support of water fluoridation

Cairns doctors table petition in support of water fluoridation

Kimberley Vlasic, The Cairns Post

Cairns Local Medical Association spokeswoman and orthopedic surgeon, Dr Sarah Coll, is spearheading a campaign calling on Cairns Regional Council to reintroduce fluoride to the city’s water supply.A  PETITION in support of water fluoridation and bearing the signatures of about 80 doctors will be presented to Cairns Regional Council today.
Spearheaded by the newly revived Cairns Local Medical Association, the 134-strong petition calls on councillors to listen to medical advice ­and reintroduce the tooth-strengthening chemical to the local water supply.
The council decided to stop fluoride flowing through the city’s taps in 2013.
CLMA spokeswoman and orthopedic surgeon Sarah Coll said she felt compelled to campaign on the issue because of the “overwhelming” scientific evidence supporting the use of fluoride and backing of peak medical bodies.

“We felt that Cairns residents deserved to have the same standard of living available to southeast Queenslanders and we felt the council should move forward with the decision to return fluoride to our water,” she said.

But the petition could fall on deaf ears, with a council spokeswoman reiterating that the standing resolution of the council was not to fluoridate water for two reasons: “Firstly, expressed consent of the community should be sought before entering into a process such as fluoridation,” she said. “The results of the Our Cairns survey clearly indicate that there is no overwhelming community support for fluoride. “Secondly, that oral health is a responsibility of the State Government.”

Last week Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk committed to reinstating a capped infrastructure grants program for councils wanting to introduce fluoride into their drinking water. Water and waste committee chairman Councillor Richie Bates believes fluoridation should be mandated across the state but admits that is unlikely to happen.

“In the absence of universal dental health care, the most important thing we can do to protect the most vulnerable in the community is to introduce fluoridation,” he said. “At the moment the responsibility rests with councils ... the current councillors aren’t interested in the matter at all.”

Dr Coll hopes the petition will be the first step in a consultation with local experts.

“I’m not saying fluoride is going to cure dental decay – but what if it helps one kid?” she said.

Pathetic last statement - but what if it gives fluorosis to lots of kids.


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