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UK Against Fluoridation

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Hypothyroidism was caused more by high level of fluoride than low levels of iodine


It has been known since 1917 that fluoride causses goitres.

F.S. McKay, DDS, noted that people in Colorado Springs, Colorado, had mottled teeth. He also noticed that they didn’t get cavities

1918, Professor Greves in Utrech, Holland, noted that people who drank the local water got both mottled teeth and goiters (goiters are usually associated with hypothyroidism). It was later determined that the water in Colorado and Holland had high levels of naturally occurring fluoride. Mckay is credited with the idea of supplementing fluoride to prevent cavities. Unfortunately, trading a few cavities for heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, cancer, ect., is not a good trade.

1919, Goldemberg in Argentina also noted that people who drank the local water with high levels of fluoride developed goiters. He reviewed the literature and concluded that hypothyroidism was caused more by high level of fluoride than low levels of iodine. In 1926 he reported on his use of fluoride to treat hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroids).

1932, Machoro (Italy) used sodium fluoride in the successful treatment of hyperthyroidism, and in 1933, Gorlitzer von Mundy (Austria) reported more on fluoride’s effect on the thyroid.

The amount of fluoride they used to combat an overactive thyroid is the same amount we put in our city water supply. Thus we are treating almost our entire population with a therapy known since 1926 to shut down thyroid function.

1934, Purjesz and colleagues (Poland) gave chicken eggs high in fluoride to hypertherthyroid patients and achieved lowering of body temperature, of pulse and BMR, as well as weigh gain. They reported that most of the fluoride is found in the liver; no fluoride is found in the blood of healthy people.

1937,  Kraft (Knoll AG, Germany) investigates inorganic sodium fluoride and organic fluoride compounds fluorobenzoic acid and fluotyrosine and reports that all fluoride compounds inhibit thyroid hormones. It is a matter of amplification –the fluoride component is essential.

1941,  Wilson (UK) reports in the Lancet on his findings that mottling of teeth is prevalent with goitre.............................................


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