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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Group begins battle to take fluoride out of Knoxville drinking water

By Steve Ahillen, steve.ahillen@knoxnews.com

Should fluoride be removed from Knoxville drinking water?

One side calls it extremely harmful to our health, while the other hails it as a major medical achievement.

Fluoride has become so ingrained in America since the early 1960s that it is nearly impossible not to ingest it in some form or fashion constantly on a daily basis.

Ashley Graham-Smith of Powell is on the board of the East Tennessee Medical Freedom Alliance, a group of like-minded people who advocate for medical freedom. The group has taken aim at getting fluoride out of Knoxville's drinking water and started a petition on change.org to support the effort. The petition had 183 signatures as of Thursday.

She said Tennessee trails only Washington D.C. as the most fluoridated area in the U.S.

"My daughter at age 1 was diagnosed with kidney reflux," Graham-Smith said. "I went down the rabbit hole looking for what might have caused it. I asked a lot of questions; it led me down the path to discovering different things and fluoride just jumped out at me."..................


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