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Sunday, October 02, 2016

NZ - Fluoride: Health board candidates give their views

BOPDHB candidate Mark Arundel. Photo/SuppliedThe Bay of Plenty Times asked the 2016 Bay of Plenty District Health Board candidates if they thought the Bay water supply should be fluoridated, and to explain why they were for or against this.
The current Bay of Plenty DHB had a position statement on this issue from a meeting on March 23, which stated:
"It supports the Ministry of Health policy to promote community water fluoridation programmes as one of a wider range of strategies to protect and improve the oral health of all people with their natural teeth, particularly children and population groups most at risk of dental decay."
"It will work with all local authorities in the BOPDHB district to maintain or introduce community water fluoridation in appropriate drinking water supplies where technically possible. This will include engagement in public referenda and other local authority processes, such as tribunals, and ten year and annual plans, through normal Board processes including the provision of information on oral health and community water fluoridation."
According to the position statement. The Tauranga water supply and Christchurch are the only two major urban areas which are not fluoridated.
For more information on the statement, go to: www.bopdhb.govt.nz/media/58991/bopdhb-position-statement-fluoridation-2016.pdf
Mark Arundel (Current BOPDHB member)
 I support the BOPDHB position statement on fluoridation
Yvonne Boyes (Current BOPDHB member)
I chose to give my own children fluoride tablets which appears to have benefited them 
Ron Chamberlain
I personally think it is up to the public to say
Bev Edlin (Current BOPDHB member)
Mainly against
Geoff Esterman (Current BOPDHB member)
Richard Forster
Yes, I am 
Ron Fyfe
Carole Gordon
As a principle I do not support compulsory medication of the public by government
Marion Guy (Current BOPDHB member)
Callum Hunter
Yvette Lamare
Rob Moncrieff
Kirsten Murfitt
Jane Nees

Peter Nicholl
Matua Parkinson (Current BOPDHB member)
Janet Peters
Doesn't know
Hylton Rhodes
Ron Scott
Judy Turner (Current BOPDHB member)


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