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UK Against Fluoridation

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Cllr Chris Cooke's letter to Hull councillors


It was disappointing to read in the Hull Mail that you have decided to proceed with the mass medication of Hull citizens that you call “water fluoridation”.

For 14 years I have tried to get our own politicians to research this subject. I am met by a wall of resistance and ridicule that I would expect will also apply to your council chambers. But I openly campaigned at elections on this fluoride issue – as an Independent – and have had 3 terms in Tamworth Council and am currently a Staffordshire councillor – serving on the health committees. The people clearly don’t like fluoridation. Unfortunately my area has had enforced fluoridation for over 30 years now and the skeletal fluorosis (Public Health England will always diagnose “arthritis”) has got to me and I cannot re-stand.

Public Health England adopts Nelson’s “I see no ships” policy when it comes to the long term harm fluoridation can do. Their support for fluoridation goes way beyond the boundaries of their cherry-picked observations for “evidence”. THAT is their science! There is no magic chemical reaction to harden teeth - and not touch the rest of the body!! Ask them to identify the science – they can’t – they will just woffle about “benefits”. I suppose it fills the surgeries and hospitals and keeps them all busy?

With toothpaste – yes, fluoride works – on contact with teeth - much more so because it POISONS the bacteria which feed on sugars, that produce the acid that makes the teeth decay. Common sense! Fluoride is a registered poison only a little less poisonous than arsenic! It might only be 1 part per million BUT it is accumulated in the body and WILL do long term harm – causing the symptoms of many of our “unexplained modern diseases”, disrupting the endocrine system, and even being an underlying cause of obesity. Check it out! 10% of England is fluoridated – yet 60% of the top 5 towns for obesity are also fluoridated! Coincidence? I don’t think so!

But those are only my words.

Southampton Council was threatened with fluoridation by Public Health England in recent years. Public opposition was so great Hampshire Council produced an extensive scrutiny – which gave a report of 47 pages. I have linked it here.


It does not go as far as I might – but even so it is a damning report.

Public Health England was, quite regardless of local opposition, going to steamroller this through. But they lost on time limits and legal technicalities there in the end. But they are fanatical in their promotion of this frankly medieval policy – and one that appears so plainly to breach the Nuremburg Codes on forced medications.

I offer this report link in hope that some of you may wish to see something other that a Public Health England whitewash by a PHE employee that would risk his employment if he dared to do anything except support fluoridation.

Thank you,"


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