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UK Against Fluoridation

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Australia - Fluoride in Mackay: mass poison or good oral sense?

MASS poisoning or just good oral health sense?
The fluoride debate in Mackay has hotted up in the lead-up to a community forum to test public support for leaving fluoride in the region's water supply.

An overnight discussion on the Daily Mercury's Facebook site confirmed the passion around the issue.

It comes as a community forum will be held Wednesday, September 14, at the Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre, starting from 6.30pm.

Mayor Greg Williamson, who will facilitate the forum, said it was the best way to gauge community views on the issue, along with professional polling. Amanda Woolnough questioned why the council was wasting money on fluoride "when the water is too putrid and stinks of chlorine to actually drink".
"Put it to an online vote and let the public decide, I vote No fluoride."
Bev Sorbello posted: "If our town water is so good, why do I see so many people buying bottled water at the supermarket?"
But Brett Notaras said he couldn't understand why the council and Daily Mercury gave "these anti science, anti fluoride extremists a platform".
"This is the definition of false balance and creates nothing but fear and uncertainty.
"While there is over 70 years of credible evidence to support the benefits, efficacy and safety of fluoridation, these anti science extremists will never accept anything that contradicts their pre determined ideologies.
"They are no better than the anti vaxxers who use fear and intimidation to mislead the public, instead of evidence and critical thinking."
But Mazza Louise said: "Putting this poison into our water takes away our CHOICE. It is FORCED on people AGAINST THEIR WILL. If people want to poison themselves with fluoride they can take tablets. Those who don't want it can't take it out of their water!!!"

Liza Aquarmann said she believed there were too many uncertainties about it's long term health effects.
"If there's any doubt - don't do it. Remember DDT, Asbestos etc - all thought to be perfectly safe back in the day ..."
What 'Quackwatch says about fluoride debate
But Lorelle Bowditch wrote: Here's hoping that the decision is based on science and reason and not on the opinions of the vocal conspiracy theorists who get their information from personal blogs and uninformed scaremongers.


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