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UK Against Fluoridation

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Australia - Fluoride debate

Fluoride debate
Residents will be electing a new council on September 8.
Council’s water fluoridation dosing facility costs ratepayers around $272,000 annually. Can this significant cost be justified?
The Drew Council was duped into fluoridating through scaremongering and deceptive behaviour by NSW Health. Residents were denied an opportunity to vote again on this issue (71 % voted against fluoridation in 1991).
To its credit, the current council has sought assurances of “safety” from NSW Health and the federal NHMRC. Both of these bodies endorse fluoridation as “safe” for general health and “effective” in reducing tooth decay. PMHC has not received a satisfactory assurance of safety to date.
Mainland Europe is unfluoridated. The International Academy of Oral Health and Toxicology (2003) condemns water fluoridation as posing unacceptable health risks. Fluoridation promotes dental fluorosis but does not reduce tooth decay.
We need a majority of informed councillors who acknowledge fluoride’s health risks. Council can then progress towards stopping this madness.
John Lusk (Citizens Against Fluoridation Inc.)


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