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UK Against Fluoridation

Thursday, June 02, 2016


Do you believe in the fluoridation of our water supply?

"THERE is something fundamentally disturbing about a government putting additives in the water supply".

That's the opinion expressed by Mackay mayor Greg Williamson before the March, 2016 council election.

But Cr Williamson also said fluoridation was proven to significantly reduce caries (cavities) in children and adults.

Currently, the Mackay region's water is fluoridated by Mackay Regional Council, as recommended by Queensland Health, but not forced by the State since laws changed in 2012.

Cr Williamson, while running for mayor, called for a "full open debate" on fluoridation in the region.

Last month a Facebook page, NO Water Fluoridation in Mackay, posting since May 21, has questioned the value of fluoride in the water, citing anti-fluoride articles.


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