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UK Against Fluoridation

Friday, April 08, 2016

How the next Welsh Government could turn around Wales' 'poor history' of oral health

EMB Dentists call on next Assembly to cut NHS dental charges and use sugar levy to invest in next generationThe British Dental Association has produced a five-point plan to outline how the next Welsh Government could work towards achiving better oral health.
Dentists have called on the next Welsh Government to cut NHS dental charges and use the proceeds of the new “sugar tax” to invest in preventive care for children in disadvantaged communities.
As part of a five-point plan, the British Dental Association Wales (BDA Wales) has outlined how the next government could turn around the nation’s “poor history” on oral health .
The last Child Dental Health Survey revealed 66% of Welsh 15-year-olds have decay compared with just 41% in England....................
No mention of fluoridation thank goodness. 


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