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Monday, April 18, 2016

Campaigners respond after Bedford Borough Council Health Committee rejects water fluoridation scheme

Bedford campaigners are celebrating a milestone victory in their battle to prevent re-fluoridation of the town's water after the Council's Adult Services and Health Scrutiny Committee concluded in their review that the scheme should be terminated. A public consultation lasting at least three months was announced as a mandatory next step.

Tuesday evening (April 12th) the Committee was asked whether it had any recommendations to make to the Executive at the conclusion of the water fluoridation review. 

Councillor Anthony Forth issued the following statement:

“I would like to propose that following the review process, this committee recommends a termination of the existing water fluoridation scheme, subject to the necessary consultations that are outlined on pages 26 to 28.

“I think that the evidence in favour of water fluoridation does seem extremely dated… On the other hand, a number of the pieces of evidence of dis-benefits are not as scientifically rigorous as we might like. I think that as a group we're happy to accept the Precautionary Principle that there isn't strong evidence for re-introducing fluoride, so therefore we should not go ahead.”

Members of Fluoride Free Bedford [1] expressed caution at the news. Dee Dell said: “The public opinion battle is yet to be begun,” and group co-ordinator, Cynthia Bagchi, commented:

“We may have to continue this fight to help other areas, because if we don't help other areas to understand the truth and keep it [fluoride] out of their areas, they will come back and try and persuade the councillors here to fluoridate again. We've made a wonderful start but we can't rest on our laurels.  They are going to try and make us link with Central Bedfordshire and have a committee.”

Further information contact Anna Bragga on 078616 77343

Notes to editors

1. For further information on Fluoride Free Bedford, see the website: http://www.fluoridefreebedford.org


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