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UK Against Fluoridation

Saturday, December 19, 2015

USA - Gardner’s Hillsdale water staff receive award

The Hillsdale water treatment facility recently received a quality achievement award for its high-quality fluoridation practice. Pictured are:(l to r) Jerry Sicks, Kerby Ferrell, Todd Bauer, Lisa Elmore, Mike Kessler and Tye Gordon. Photo courtesy of Daneeka Marshall-OquendoGardner’s Hillsdale Water Treatment Facility received a quality achievement award for its high-quality fluoridation practice of consistently adjusting the water fluoride content to the appropriate levels. The proper fluoride adjustments serve as a safe and effective method to prevent tooth decay. This is the first year Oral Health Kansas, Inc. and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment Bureau of Oral Health presented cities with achievement awards for accurate fluoride adjustments, and Gardner was one of only 29 cities in Kansas to receive such recognition for their performance in 2014. “The practice of ensuring proper fluoride quantity is a vital component to our community’s oral health,” Cheryl Harrison-Lee, Gardner city administrator, said. “I want to congratulate the Hillsdale staff for earning this award for their exceptional work.” 

I just don't understand why it calls for an award to do your job. What about all those who don't regulate the fluoride content of the water or more importantly what about the populations who are exposed to the wrong amount of fluoride?


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