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UK Against Fluoridation

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

FluorideAlert Newsletter

First a VICTORY to report. Yesterday we heard that citizens of Port Angeles, Washington have voted against fluoridation. This vote has come after a very long and difficult struggle which we will be discussing in a future bulletin. Now today's fundraising bulletin.
Yesterday we brought you the incisive letter that Peel region (with a population of 1.3 million, not 3 million as we said yesterday) Councillor John Sprovieri wrote to Donna Westfall, a former councillor of Crescent City in California. Here we bring you two more letters: 1) Donna's letter to the Peel Council dated Sept 10 (see below) which triggered the response we printed yesterday and 2) a second letter from John Sprovieri

I believe that the fundamental importance of these letters is the way these councillors turned the tables on fluoridation promoters. More often than not Councils sit back and let pro-fluoridation spokespersons produce their monologues on fluoridation's "safety and effectiveness" usually with no expert in the room to give the other side of the story. What both of these councillors have done is to lay down fundamental questions that none of the fluoridation pushers can answer. 

What Donna and John discovered in the process is that there is not a single agency in the U.S. or Canada that can answer these questions. Moreover, none of them can be held responsible for the safety of this practice or for the safety of the chemicals used. That responsibility falls on the shoulders of local municipal officials. 

Most councils do not know this. When they find out they do not like it (shades of Peter Finch opening the window and yelling, "I am as mad as hell and I am not going to take it any more").  Donna Westfall (from California) and John Sprovieri (Canada) are two that have found out what is going on. They are opening their windows and hopefully other councillors will open theirs as well...

We need to hear from more councillors who have found out what is going on. Meanwhile, there is powerful information in this exchange, which can help many other communities see the light. Before we get to these letters, here is an update on our fundraiser.


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