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UK Against Fluoridation

Thursday, December 31, 2015

FluorideAlert News Letter

We lost a Fluoride Fighting giant in 2015

Professor Robert Isaacson (1928-2015) passed away on August 10. Professor Isaacson was the leader of the research team that produced the animal study by Varner et al, published in Brain Research in 1998, which found that rats fed fluoride in water at 1 ppm for one year developed kidney damage, brain damage, a greater uptake of aluminum into the brain and the formation of beta amyloid deposits which are associated with Alzheimer's disease. Isaacson was also a member of the National Research Council of the National Academies of Science panel which authored the groundbreaking report of the toxicology of fluoride in 2006 (NRC, 2006). He attended and presented at the FAN conference in Canton, NY in the same year. His obituary can be found here

In 2015 we reached the milestone of over 200 communities (at least) that have rejected or ended fluoridation over the past 5 years! In fact, more than 430 communities have ended existing fluoridation programs or rejected new efforts to fluoridate either by council vote or citizen referendum since 1990. In 2015 alone, we’ve confirmed that at least 21 communities with more than 305,410 residents voted to end fluoridation, bringing the number of victories since 2010 to 201 communities with approximately 5 million people. Many of these victories were the result of citizens who organized local campaigns with many working in coordination with FAN or using our materials to educate their neighbors and local decision-makers about the serious health risks associated with the practice. Some of 2015’s victories included large communities, such as:
Nov 2015: San Marcos, Texas (pop. 44,894)
Aug 2015, Warsaw, Missouri (pop. 2,133)
July 2015, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania (pop. 6,224)
May 2015: Sullivan, Missouri (pop. 7,000)
May 2015: Palatka, Florida (pop. 10,482)
May 2015: Oneida, New York (pop.  21,147)
April 2015: Kingsville, Ontario, Canada (pop. 21,400)
April 2015: Clarksburg, West Virginia (pop. 16,400)
April 2015: Carl Junction, Missouri (pop. 7,550)
March 2015: Bennington, Vermont (pop. 16,000)
Feb 2015: Yoshikawa, Japan (pop. 70,000)
Feb 2015: Montello, Wisconsin (pop. 1,500)
Feb 2015: Brackenridge Borough, Pennsylvania (pop. 3,240)
Jan 2015: Boynton Beach, Florida (pop.  71,100)
Jan 2015: Doomadgee, Australia (pop. 1,000)
Jan 2015: Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania (pop. 5,340)
IRISH COUNCIL VOTES AGAINST MANDATORY FLUORIDATION IN 2015 representing a combined population of 444,195
 In 2015, five more Irish councils formally passed a resolution calling for the Irish Government to end mandatory fluoridation.  Since the beginning of 2014, a total of thirteen regional and municipal councils representing over 2.5 million Irish citizens have adopted such a position, including Cork and Dublin, the two largest cities in the country.


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