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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Glyphosate, vaccines and fluoride are destroying our spiritual connection

Glyphosate(NaturalNews) We constantly stimulate our senses to keep ourselves entertained, burying our eyes in light devices and material things. We look for places where we can belong, filling bar stools and sanctuary pews with blank stares and closed hearts. Our physical bodies congregate, so close together, but the measurable energy fields between our hearts has never been so dull and divided. We spend money to keep ourselves happy, walking the store aisles feeling need and lack. We search for meaning in all the wrong places, ultimately winding up disconnected, depressed, and unfulfilled.

We have been taught to view other people as strangers, that we are all separate beings. While we are all unique with different experiences and perspectives, we are all still very much alike and connected, co-creating together on an abundant, spherical planet.

Can you imagine the possibilities for peace if we understood the spiritual connection we all share? Our egos and desires to control, convert, and conquer the world would shed like dead skin, helping us see everyone around us with new eyes. The division lines of made-up religions would erase and we would come to a much more eternal understanding of what it means to be alive as one.

In our religions and denominations, in our synagogues and churches, we search for higher connection, but the dogmas and rules only suppress our spiritual bodies, alienating us from our brothers and sisters. In our emptiness, we are swayed by emotional messages of guilt and fear cast upon us from manipulative dogmas that try to interpret God's will for us. As our path is dictating to us, we lose our spiritual sovereignty and our connection to Spirit Source that is living inside us and constantly interacting. What is holding human spiritual connection back?.................................


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