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UK Against Fluoridation

Monday, July 28, 2014


Letter: Take the time to learn truth about fluoride

To the editor:
According to a 2011 U.S. Geological Survey report, between 400,000 and 500,000 tons of industrial fluoride waste gets dumped into our nation’s water supplies each year.
About one-tenth of one percent (.1 percent) ever reaches its intended target, and 99.9 percent of it goes down the drain – not a very efficient cavity-fighting delivery system. Fluoride toothpastes and rinses are more than adequate to fluoridate teeth, plus they’re direct hits when topically applied. Brush, swish, spit it out. There’s no need to swallow it.
A 2003 CDC report states that dental fluorosis afflicts a staggering 48 percent of children. The percentage keeps rising, an outward manifestation of inward toxicity.
Fluoride doesn’t dissolve or disappear. After it flows through our homes, washing clothes, dishes, bodies, and flushing, it returns to the treatment center, where filters can’t remove it, so out it goes into the ocean. Some of it waters gardens or goes down storm drains when we wash our cars. But it keeps on accumulating, in us and around us.
All across America, fluoride builds up in the environment. Crops grown with fluoridated water, in phosphate fertilizers, and fumigated with sulfuryl fluoride get a triple whammy. It comes back at us in food and beverages, also concentrated in vitamins.
How much fluoride do we get from multiple sources? Who is responsible for monitoring the dose, the concentration, the total body load? Anyone?
There’s no further need to continue contaminating our drinking water. Let’s let the industry learn to deal with their own toxic waste.
To learn more, please attend the upcoming lecture by Dr. Paul Connett, biochemist, on Saturday, Aug. 2, at the Rockport High School Auditorium at 7 p.m. Also on Sunday, Aug. 3, same time and place, Dr. Connett will hold an open forum debate with dentists, doctors and pro-fluoridationists. All are cordially invited for both evenings.


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