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UK Against Fluoridation

Thursday, June 19, 2014

2004 letter worth reading again

Blair's Bloody Nose
By Dr. H.C. Moolenburgh, Holland*
A couple of years ago Tony Blair asked a scientific committee in York to establish "once and for all" that fluoridation is safe and effective.
As Professor Burgstahler has shown, the report of the York committee was heavily flawed. Much negative data was not taken into account. Yet the final report was a bloody nose for Tony.
Instead of the claimed 65% (later 50%) caries reduction the committee came up with a meagre 15% reduction but also had to confess that they had not been able to find high standard scientific work confirming the effectiveness of fluoridation.
The report in essence told the dentists to do their homework over, which of course is a severe case of egg on their faces after more than half a century fluoridation.

What was really disturbing was an increase to 48% in disfiguring mottled enamel in the fluoridation regions.

Moreover, what was really disturbing was an increase to 48% of disfiguring mottled enamel in the fluoridation regions.
Professor Shusheela says that sometimes the disfigurement of the frontal teeth is so severe that it interferes with the marriage chances of girls. (She speaks about India of course, but what about the "less privileged" classes in the Western world? Is the fluoride lobby not always crying big crocodile tears about them? Have they the money to repair the fluoride damage?)
And now look what happens. Tony Blair waits two years, probably hoping that the nasty facts will go away, at least fade in the minds of the people. And then his government announces suddenly that they will try and fluoridate the whole of the United Kingdom. The spokeswoman of the Dental Association lobbying for a total fluoridation supports her urging for total fluoridation with the claim that it "gives up to 50% reduction of caries".
This is a blatant lie in the face of their own evidence. When will we at last arrest these people and with good, sound old police work find out what moves them to corrupt science and hoodwink the public? There must be a reason for their fanatical adherence to a theory that long has been proved wrong. It is not their concern for children's teeth so it must be something else.
Do they have a mental illness like the authorities who haunted witches in the 16th and 17th centuries (Death toll, 100,00 innocent women)? Is it money from the polluting industries? Is there something in the old story that with fluoridation you can more effectively control a population (for totalitarians something to make their mouths water)?
I have never found a satisfying answer, but I hope to live long enough one day to hear the solution.

*Dr Hans Moolenburgh, Author, Fluoride - The Freedom Fight. The History of how Fluoridation was stopped in Holland 1976.


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