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UK Against Fluoridation

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Sugar is the cause of keiki dental woes

In West Hawaii Today April 10 it said that the PEW Center gave the state an F grade for our kids’ dental health. It gave as one of the reasons being that our water supply is not fluoridated. Here we go again, the push to fluoridate our water. The implication being that to fluoridate will upgrade our kids’ dental health.
How about telling parents to stop letting their kids eat and drink sugared foods? Do we really want to drink poison fluoride and cause all kinds of other very serious health problems just because parents are too uninformed or uncaring to stop the sugar tsunami inundating our kids?
Sugar is a slow poison. Fluoride is not the answer. It just adds to the problem. The solution is to cut out sugar.
A lot of other problems caused by eating sugar will also stop if people stop eating sugar.
To you parents and kids who think sugar is just fine, look around. See the sick, fat people with dental caries and diabetes and a host of other health problems. That is sugar poisoning.
Fluoride is a false promise of better health. Less sugar. Better health. No fluoride. It is poison even in small doses.
Parents, take responsibility for your kids’ dental health. It is not up to the state. It is up to you.
Tom Beach



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