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UK Against Fluoridation

Monday, April 14, 2014

Would you pay £60 for chocolate toothpaste?

Makers claim it's non-toxic, cleans teeth, builds enamel and tastes like dessert
Theodent's range includes sold out £6 Classic - and 300 £60 extra-strength
Fluoride-free using Rennou, theobromine, calcium, and phosphate instead
Theodent 300 represents the extra-strength version of the proprietary formulation - at 10x the costSold in Whole Foods and online, and the company ship worldwide
For the child who has everything, now there's chocolate flavoured toothpaste - which costs £60 per tube.
Luxury oral care firm Theodent use an extract from the cacao plant instead of flouride, something they say is a family-friendly alternative substance, not least because it tastes like pudding.
'Harnessing the power of the cocoa bean', the patented ingredient dubbed Rennou is a safe-to-swallow replacement to toxic fluoride present in most toothpastes.
Theodent also claims that these compounds not only clean teeth, but actually build up your enamel, making your pearly whites even stronger.
As for why it costs such a steep price remains to be seen. The classic toothpaste claims to only cost £6 ($10), but is currently unavailable for purchase on the website.
But the Theodent 300 - the extra strength paste with extra high doses of rennou - is available for purchase, costing £61 ($99.99) per tube. Multipacks raise the price even higher and shipping costs also apply.


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