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UK Against Fluoridation

Friday, March 07, 2014

NZ - Judge rules fluoride OK

Judge rules fluoride OK in Sth Taranaki
The organisation which challenged the South Taranaki District Council's decision to add flouride to its water supply says a High Court judge has got it wrong.
The court has thrown out the challenge from lobby group New Health New Zealand.
New Health argued that the council has no legal power to add flouride to its water in Patea and Waverley, and that in doing so, it was a breach of the right to refuse medical treatment.
However, Justice Hansen ruled there is implied power under the Local Government Act for councils to add fluoride to drinking water and that no further consent is required from the Minister of Health.
The judge also ruled that whilst he accepted fluoridation has a therapeutic purpose, it does not constitute medical treatment.
New Health chairman Dave Sloane says he thinks the judge has got it wrong and they will be appealing against the decision.


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