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UK Against Fluoridation

Friday, December 13, 2013

USA - Reader says fluoridation nothing but bad news

Anyone who actually studies the issue of water fluoridation learns that (1) it does not help your teeth, (2) it is composed of a collection of industrial waste chemicals, (3) it has been shown to be harmful to humans in scores of recent studies around the world, and (4) the practice of “fluoridation” has been banned in 90 percent of the developed world.
But if you drink a glass of water from your kitchen faucet in Asheville, you are drinking industrial waste. If you drink water from any public water fountain in Asheville, you are drinking industrial waste. If you take a bath in Asheville, you are bathing in industrial waste.
If you drink coffee from any commercial seller, you are drinking industrial waste.
People who learn the truth about “water fluoridation” become advocates for stopping it.
You never find people going the other way — people who were once opponents of fluoridation who then study the issue and then become proponents. That never happens. Learning the truth about it always produces opposition to it.
Please learn the truth and join the efforts of Fluoride Free Asheville to stop this harmful practice. Your taxes are being used to poison your drinking water.
Michael Ivey, Asheville.

Good point.


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