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Thursday, November 04, 2010

USA - Debate over fluoride continues

Debate over fluoride continues
Reported by: Josh Witsman
WICHITA, Kansas - Wichita’s water supply has sparked debate for decades. It’s a debate that has pitted health professionals against everyday Kansans. The issue is to fluoridate or not.“It's one of the most highly studied chemicals we've ever had," Wichita dentist Dr. Brick Scheer said.
Dr. Scheer has worked on Wichitans’ teeth for his entire career, and he is a proponent of adding fluoride to the city’s water supply. It’s a process Dr. Scheer and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says is not only safe but beneficial.
"Fluoridating the water will eliminate approximately 25 percent of the cavities a person will have in their lifetime," Dr. Scheer said.
Fluoridating the water supply is considered one of the ten biggest public health accomplishments by the Centers for Disease Control; however, Wichita remains one of the country’s largest cities that has turned its back on the idea. Wichita is not alone; however, Portland, Oregon has also decided not to fluoridate its water.
It’s because of views like this.
"Fluoride is a poison,” Wichitan Travis Crank said. “It is a known poison."
Travis Crank and his supporters made their views known this summer with their Poison in the Tape Water campaign. It is a campaign that has worked in the past.
Wichita debated the issue several times, and as of now fluoridating appears to be off the table....................

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