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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Australia - Fluoridation on Wahoo ballot, again

Published Thursday March 4, 2010
Fluoridation on Wahoo ballot, again
Wahoo voters will once again be asked if they want fluoride in their water to reduce tooth decay.
The question about fluoridating the town’s municipal water supply will appear on the May 11 primary ballot. A petition drive made the ballot question possible.
Petitioners gathered 512 valid signatures. That was about 100 more than needed to put the issue on a ballot.
In 2008, Wahoo voters were asked if they wanted fluoride in their water. The Legislature had mandated that cities with a population greater than 1,000 put fluoride into their municipal drinking water supply to reduce tooth decay. A provision in the law allowed cities to opt out if a vote of the people said they did not want it.
The 2008 election outcome supported the mandate and fluoridation treatment was to begin by June of this year.
Six months ago, Wahoo resident Bill Miners started a petition drive to get the question back on the ballot.
Miners, who died last month, had said he was against the government putting fluoride into the water. He also said the wording on the first ballot question was misleading and wanted the people to have another chance to vote on the issue.
— World-Herald News Service


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