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UK Against Fluoridation

Saturday, September 06, 2008

UK - Evidence is against fluoridation

Evidence is against fluoridation
5:10pm Friday 5th September 2008
By Readers' Letter »
ON what evidence can the fluoridation of Bolton’s water supplies be justified?
For half a century assurances from the US Public Health Service that water fluoridation was safe have rested on the results of the 1945 Newburgh-Kingston Fluoride-Caries Trial, in which the health of children from the fluoridated town of Newburgh, New York, were compared for 10 years with children from neighbouring non-fluoridated Kingston.
Dr Harold Hodge had assured local citizens that the experiment had proved fluoridation safe and he urged it upon the entire country. He told Congress in 1954: “Health hazards do not justify postponing water fluoridation”. And, in 1963, Dr Hodge sang the praises of Newburgh’s dental health before the Supreme Court in Dublin, prescribing compulsory fluoridation for both children and adults in Ireland. This country recently reduced the recommended dosage of 4ppm to 0.7ppm, with no official explanation for the reduction.
Ireland, of course, swallowed his story. But today, back in Newburgh, the most visible effects from fluoride in Newburgh's water systems are not fewer cavities, but, instead, the high rates of speckled and mottled teeth known as dental fluorosis. After 50 years, Newburgh children have virtually the same amount of dental decay as their counterparts in the “control” city of Kingston. Because of fluoridation, the US has one of the highest rates of hip fracture in the world, and an epidemic of arthritis in 21 million Americans. No-one appears to have noticed when, in an obscure paper published in 1979, Dr Hodge quietly admitted that his safety figures had been wrong.
From 1972 to 1974, the number of heart attacks in Antigo, Wisconsin, doubled in a year, following addition of fluoride to the water systems. Because of this, they took the fluoride out, and the heart attack rate came down. In his search for a chemical that converts the metabolism of a normal cell to that of a cancer cell, Dr Otto Warburg discovered that sodium fluoride was effective in bringing about this charge. What is significant is that Ireland's cancer rate is going through the roof. There was other information on Newburgh’s health that concerns us here. The town’s heart disease rate following fluoridation was found by researchers to be one of the highest in the US, another fact missing from the official final report. Heart disease also doubled just five years into the fluoride experiment in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Fluoride concentrates in the arteries, attracting calcium, and can contribute to their hardening. The folly of adding fluoride to water sup-plies in a nation so burdened by heart disease would seem obvious.
P J Carroll Bolton


  • why is america persistant concerning fluoridation?i dont under stand why our gov.wants to continue with this farce

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 September, 2008  

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