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UK Against Fluoridation

Monday, June 18, 2018

From Ann Wills

D. Mail 18.6.18 “LET’S GO TO WAR ON NHS WASTE” by John Stevens & Sophie Borland.
For all its virtues, the NHS remains wasteful of taxpayers’ cash.  Without fundamental change no amount of money put into it will be enough.
For instance:  £18million a year spent by the NHS on new crutches & walking frames when old equipment could be easily recycled.
£640 million a year spent on management consultants to advise hospitals how to spend less money.
£90,000 paid to a ‘turnaround director’ for just 3 months work last year.
£300million a year on prescribing medicines that are never used by patients.
£1.6billion a year paying compensation for clinical negligence pay-outs for medical mistakes, much of which goes into lawyers’ pockets.
£26 million a year on prescriptions for gluten-free food even though patients can buy them from supermarkets.
David Green of ‘Civitas’ think-tank says the NHS is paying Boots £3,220 for a mouthwash for cancer patients to use that can cost £93.
The NHS is paying Boots £1,579 for a pot of moisturiser that other pharmacies obtained for under £2.
In 2016-17 some £2.9billion was spent on agency doctors & nurses, instead of employing a stable workforce.



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