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Saturday, April 21, 2018

What Causes White Spots On A Toddler's Teeth? The Good News Is, They're Harmless

Toddler teeth are adorable. They come in all shapes and sizes to create tye most genuine smiles, and without a lifetime of coffee, tea and red wine, you'd think their teeth would be perfectly white. Sometimes they are, but sometimes toddlers have these random white spots on their teeth. While you may worry about them from an aesthetic viewpoint (because they are really noticeable when you're Instagramming), you might wonder if it has something to do with their health, too. So what do white spots on a toddler's teeth mean?
The American Dental Association (ADA) explained that dental fluorosis occurs when too much fluoride is consumed over long periods of time while the teeth are still under the gums. Once they have broken through the gums, teeth can't be affected by the fluoride anymore. Reassuringly, these white spots don't make teeth weaker. "Fluorosis isn’t a disease and doesn’t affect the health of your teeth. In most cases, the effect is so subtle that only a dentist would notice it during an examination," the ADA explained. In fact, fluorosis may make teeth more resistant to tooth decay..................

It's a symptom showing the poisonous effect of fluoride. What else is it doing to the body?


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