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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Why your kids NEED tap water: Children who just drink bottled water to avoid lead-poisoning have drastically higher risk of tooth decay

  • Children who drink exclusively bottled water are more likely to have decaying teeth and cavities
  • Since the Flint, Michigan water crisis, water bottle sales have shot up as families worry that their tap water might have lead in it
  • A new study found that almost half of all American children have tooth decay, while only 3 percent have dangerous levels of lead in their blood
  • That 15 percent of children that drank only bottled water were at greater risk of having tooth decay

Flint, Michigan resident Jessica Owens held a baby bottle of contaminated water during a rally in Washington, D.C. last year. Parents like Owens protect their children from lead poisoning by giving them tap water, but risk their dental health The toxic lead levels in the water in Flint, Michigan, and how it impacted the residents
Flint, Michigan, experienced a contamination problem with its water supply after the city started using the Flint River
The city was originally getting its water from Detroit, but made the switch to the river in April 2014.
Children living in Flint then started to experience an extreme increase in lead levels in the blood.
A study showed lead levels in children doubled after the city made the switch.
This toxic chemical is damaging to a child's brain development and growth.
The mayor of Flint declared the city in a state of emergency in December 2015 as officials scrambled to figure out a solution to the increase in lead.
Residents in the city protested until the government switched the water supply back to coming from Detroit.
But the increased lead exposure could have irreversible effects on the people most affected.
Officials don't know if it will ever be safe for residents to ingest the water from Flint. 

View comments in the Mail most like me think it is propaganda to push fluoride.
It's too much sugar and lack of dental care.


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