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UK Against Fluoridation

Friday, July 21, 2017

USA - LETTER: Will fluoride supporters continue to make choices 'for the poor'?

Now that the fluoride decision is made and the water authority is preparing for installment of the equipment needed to move on, I happened upon the article in the Tribune about a local water purifier company that was commenting on the increase in calls that have been received by people who want to inquire about buying a system to keep fluoride out of their water. These systems are not inexpensive. My thoughts went back to the debates I attended where the pro-fluoride people kept repeating that fluoride was being put in our water “for the poor.” The benevolent three members of the MAWA board that sided with the pro-fluoride vote frequently repeated the “for the poor” mantra. 
So now that the decision has been made and fluoride will be put in our water system, I was wondering if the establishments that strongly supported the move, Meadville Medical Center, Allegheny College and MAWA will be issuing water purifiers “for the poor.” If not, is this an indication that all people living below poverty level are happy to have fluoride in their water and that there is no need for de-fluoridating? Or is it that poor people cannot make a decision of this magnitude and a board of five non-elected members made this decision “for the poor?”


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