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UK Against Fluoridation

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Threat vs. The Reality

fat personIt’s always interesting to go back 20 years and see what we were writing about then and whether much, if anything, has changed. This time we find that when it comes to the chemical threats from the foods we eat, not much has. Sugar consumption remains a problem in the American diet. Look around and see the people with round bellies and you will see people who are sugar burners; people with high insulin levels whose bodies are burning off sugar rather than fat. When we see the big apple-shaped middle we are looking at insulin resistance and disease. No amount of exercise will take off fat while we are consuming excess sugar. Low insulin stops our bodies from burning sugar and switches us to burning fat. We can forget weight loss as long as we are burning sugar and not fat, no matter which diet plan we are on. Of course, conventional wisdom has always been that people are fat from lack of exercise.  That trope was promoted by Big Food, particularly the soft drink industry. It has spent billions of dollars to push sugar-laden foods and sugary drinks on an unsuspecting public. In our view, this amounts to chemical warfare on the American people. We wrote the following in the June, 1997 issue of The Bob Livingston Letter™ (subscription required). I began publishing the monthly letter in 1969. 

Last issue we wrote on the capabilities of bacteriological warfare as a cheap, accomplished technology by Third World Nations. A reader has suggested that we really already have chemical and biological warfare programs in the form of water fluoridation, vaccines and flu shots. I agree. By all definitions, the above sold as medications represent chemical warfare against the American people.
We tend to think of chemical or biological warfare as producing pain and death rather quickly. Not so. It can have a 40 year incubation period calculated to help you expire as you retire.
Many holistic people believe that the Saccharine Disease, (Saccharine here means white sugar or other refined carbohydrates) is the ultimate warfare against the people. It is more subtle, more enticing, and more certain in its effect. But here again, the danger is masked with a long incubation period. The manifestations are many and they surely come in the form of intestinal stasis (constipation), varicose veins, deep venous thrombosis, hemorrhoids, diverticular disease and colon cancer. Then of course, there is dental caries and periodontal disease. Add to this diabetes, obesity, primary E. Coli infections, and gall stones and peptic ulceration. The rise in coronary thrombosis is most directly related to refined sugar. Public information on coronary disease is erroneously centered on fat consumption. Everybody believes that fat consumption means coronary disease although this has never been proven. Establishment doctors are fully versed in the “dangers of fat consumption,” but seem to be oblivious to the increasing rise in blood lipids (blood fat) because of the consumption of refined carbohydrates.
Sugar consumption most surely leads to degenerative disease and death. It needs to be classified as poison because it leads to the same conclusion of disability and death as fluoride and vaccines.


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