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UK Against Fluoridation

Friday, June 30, 2017


She’s done her research.Olivia Munn isn’t a sucker for a fad. Especially when it comes to health and beauty, which she emphatically insists go hand in hand. She’ll Google, consult with the pros in a myriad of specialities from Eastern to Western practices, and beyond, and then Google some more before committing to anything. And it’s worked for her: She swears cutting out fluoride is the reason she doesn’t have acne, that there’s a multi-night masking routine that blurs out her sunspots, and that she’ll never do one particularly extreme procedure again........
She will dig (and dig!) for answers:
“I talk to a lot of people. I talk to a lot of acupuncturists, healers, and doctors. You can’t get enough knowledge when it comes to learning what’s right about something that has been talked about for so long. Everybody has a different way to do skincare. For example, I’m really big on no fluoride. Fluoride is not good for you. And anybody who tells you it’s good for you (the government) is not telling the truth. You look at countries that don’t have fluoride in their system, [we] don’t have better teeth [than they do]. Everybody has better teeth in general because we’ve gotten better with dental hygiene.”
Why cutting fluoride was the best thing she did for her skin:
“Do you ever get chin acne, as a woman? Well, if you look up online, ‘female chin acne and fluoride,’ you’ll see that when we drink fluoride or have it in our toothpaste, something happens with our hormones during that certain time of the month where women start to get acne. Two summers ago, I stopped all fluoride (tap water and ingesting it) and the chin acne stopped.”


  • I am fluoride sensitive, and at my worst I didn't just have acne on my face but also all over my back. I was well past my teenage years at the time.

    By Anonymous Dan Germouse, at 01 July, 2017  

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