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UK Against Fluoridation

Sunday, April 30, 2017

USA - Letter: Fluoride is not a total cure-all

I'm a longtime resident of Albany, along with my wife, children and grandchildren. In contrast to an earlier letter writer, we're very glad we don't fluoridate our water. Everyone wants fewer cavities, but government studies show fluoridation only reduces decay by about half a cavity per child, if that.
World Health Organization data showed fluoridated and non-fluoridated nations have essentially the same cavity rate. Fluoride's preventive actions are mainly topical, such as from toothpaste, not from swallowing.
But, even if fluoridation was effective, I'd still be very opposed.
The National Academy of Science's 2006 report "Fluoride in Drinking Water" concluded that fluoride interferes with the brain, is an endocrine disruptor, decreases thyroid function and causes fluorosis, among many other health concerns.
When fluoridation was introduced, cigarettes were considered safe, DDT was thought to be healthy and leaded gasoline was the norm. We learned all were harmful, as we've now found out with fluoridation. It's an obsolete practice not supported by the vast majority of the world's nations, cities, health and medical organizations.
Moreover, putting any drug into the water is simply wrong, taking away our right to choose whether we want to ingest it. Albany is wise to be fluoridation-free.
David Stone


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