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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Canada - Gravenhurst reader applauds Parry Sound for fluoride removal

I read the entire series of reports about the Fluoride debates written by Stephanie Johnson, your award-winning reporter, and as a health buff for more than 40 years I just had to do this: I learned all about the Fluoride hoax. I live in Gravenhurst and we had a similar debate with mixed results. Huntsville and Lake of Bays opted to stop fluoridation. My town as well as Bracebridge opted to keep it in. How sad for the tea and coffee drinkers.
It is hard work trying to accomplish what you did in Parry Sound — congratulations! There were no losers in your final decision to remove Fluoride. What did it was your patience, open-mindedness and sincere concern and respect for all viewpoints, allowing each to have the time and opportunity to fully present his or her case.
I have done the research on Fluoride and can tell that you do not consider it the harmless thing we've been told it is. Biochemists who analyzed the product now being used in our water have discovered it contains not only Fluoride but also traces of as many as 50 deadly chemicals. We are not told about this and so continue to believe the original story which fooled even the medical world, so some of them still cannot be blamed. However, they owe it to themselves to dig up the real story online. I had to do it to change my view. We have the means to learn right from wrong — let's use those brains.
Others often try to make fools of us. The one main concern I had was with a statement made at the end of one of the last of Johnson's articles that indicated there can be no tests for Fluoride content for 60 months following the conclusion of Fluoride addition to your water. I would want to have that checked once a week by an independent laboratory just to reassure yourselves. Think again here like you did previously.
Mike Napolitano,


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