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UK Against Fluoridation

Friday, February 03, 2017

Call For 'National Leadership' On Fluoridation (STUFF.CO.NZ)

Kerryanne StevensKerryanne Stevens 1 week ago
the people whom are being forced along with their children to consume a known and proven neurotoxin!

Pam PetersPam Peters 1 week ago
The people, you know, the ones that are being forced to pay for this crap

Kim AndersonKim Anderson 1 week ago
I certainly do not want that poisonous neurotoxin in my water. It's up to individuals to look after their own bloody teeth.

Josh BarnardJosh Barnard 1 week ago
We have some of the best water in the world, why ruin it by putting chemicals in? If you want fluoride, take a bloody tablet

Dustin WaldronDustin Waldron 1 week ago
The people of the city should be in charge since they are the 1s who have to drink the water in the first place

Julia EganJulia Egan 1 week ago
The consumer should get the say. If Government or Council are unsure, put it to the vote. Mass medication is uncalled for and should never be practiced. Those who want extra fluoride (above what is got via toothpaste) can take an inexpensive tablet.

Frankie AndrewsFrankie Andrews 1 week ago
Maybe someone with a science background, who actually knows what they're talking about?
People are too stupid and too easily swayed by charlatans with agendas to be able to make an informed decision. Leave it to the people who know what they're talking about.

Heidi RaddaHeidi Radda 1 week ago
No forcing here please. If u want fluoride ..... Take a pill. Do not force this on us all plz

Lester HottonLester Hotton 1 week ago

Yes i can see all the kids drinking fiz changing to water, no way

Julia EganJulia Egan 1 week ago
Fluoride Free NZ Can you please post the link to the Govt web page to make a submission for this? Thanks.


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