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UK Against Fluoridation

Friday, January 20, 2017

NZ - Fluoride in water

The Government seems determined to impose de-facto water fluoridation on the whole country with the Health (Fluoridation of Drinking Water) Amendment Bill. This bill proposes transferring the responsibility for water fluoridation from local authorities to district health boards.
Once enacted the public will have no say whether they want fluoride in their water or not. The huge costs of implementing water fluoridation will fall on ratepayers.
Information requested from Christchurch City Council staff by councillor Vicki Buck estimated the cost of fluoridation to be around $10.5 million, with an ongoing cost of about $500,000 a year.
Dr Simon Thornley of Auckland Regional Public Health Service and Dr Rob Beaglehole, public health dentist and veteran anti-sugar campaigner, have correctly identified sugar as the most important determinant of rotten teeth.
It’s a great pity that the Ministry of Health put so much faith in water fluoridation, which doesn’t seem to work, instead of listening to health professionals who have correctly identified the cause of the problem.
MIKE WOODS Paraparaumu


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