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UK Against Fluoridation

Saturday, December 03, 2016

UK - Pupils dance while brushing their teeth in new school initiative

Pupils at Southwark Primary School brush their teethChildren at three Nottingham primary schools are being offered free dental checks in the classroom.

Staff from the charity Teeth Team organise local dentists to carry out the assessments and send letters home to parents if they think there is a cause for concern. They also apply fluoride varnish and teach children how to brush their teeth effectively during the visits.

The charity, based in Hull, has been visiting Southwark Primary School, Old Basford School and Whitemoor Academy since September. It was asked to extend its schools programme to the city by Nottingham North MP Graham Allen as part of efforts to improve the oral hygiene of children living in his constituency. Julie Fountain, Teeth Team coordinator, said: "It has been proven in Hull that we have reduced the decay rate. They [the children] get excited and I think the majority enjoy it. It's a bit messy."
The initiative seems to be popular with pupils at Southwark Primary School in Old Basford.
Deshaye, a pupil in Year 4, said: "Toothbrushing is a really good experience. If you forget to brush your teeth in the morning because you are late, you can do it at school.

"We now brush our teeth three times a day so our teeth are extra healthy."


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