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UK Against Fluoridation

Monday, December 26, 2016

NZ - Fluoride choice

The Dominion Post26 Dec 2016
National’s introduction of a bill requiring mandatory fluoridation of our water supplies is very disappointing. Currently, each council can decide what to do regarding this issue, and local citizens are able to have a discussion with those councillors.
Under National’s bill – now opened for submissions – the decision is left to the country’s district health boards (DHBs).
The only problem is the DHBs follow the party line prescribed by the Ministry of Health.
National’s bill is an attack on democracy. Regardless of one’s views on this subject, true democracy would allow each region to make its own choice.
National’s legislation does not allow any debate or conversation, or provide any funding to implement the legislation which will put pressure on local body rates.
NZ First should be commended for being the only party to oppose this legislation.


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