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UK Against Fluoridation

Thursday, October 13, 2016

We Don’t Drink Tap Water and Neither Should You

Why We Won’t Drink Tap Water and Neither Should You..

We Don’t Drink Tap Water and Neither Should YouWe tend to reject the fluoride myth and don’t see it as a beneficial ingredient to add into water. The negative health effects of fluoride are glaring, but it’s safe to say they should be common knowledge.  Visit fluoridealert.org for main issues with water fluoridation and common concerns about the practice.
We are also are aware of the many different chemicals and residue that’s left over from water treatment. They include:
  • Chlorine (As a kid, I didn’t think pool water tasted very good)
  • Lead (Is there Lead in your water?)
  • Pharmaceuticals (Not what the doctor ordered)
Those are a few of the reasons that we don’t drink tap water and choose a much safer alternative. The government tells me fluoride is great for our dental health but I tend to question the recommendation – Here’s Why.


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