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UK Against Fluoridation

Monday, September 12, 2016

Open Parachute still attacking Prof Paul Connett

1: Demonise the enemy

Those pushing pseudoscience do this continually. Scientists are claimed to be only in it for the money. How often do we hear the chant “follow the money” (and how hypocritical is this considering many of these propagandists are making money out of the “natural”/alternative health industry.

Anti-fluoride campaigner Paul Connett regularly charges NZ scientists with fraud – but he fraudulently distorts the evidence to do so.
Honest scientists are accused of fraud and researchers whose work contradicts the propaganda are personally attacked.
paul-connettOn Syria, we continually hear about the Syrian “regime” and its “brutal dictator” – despite the fact that the Syrian government and president have been elected. Words like “regime” instead of “government” are a way of demonising............
Open Parachute again attacks Prof Paul Connett for distorting the truth. Paul once wrote to me and asked to take down an article about the Nazi connection as he said there is no proof. He had even asked when visiting Israel and they could not confirm the link. Would he have done that if he gladly distorted the facts to win the debate. As for making money I've met a lot of people who fight fluoridation and none are doing it for financial gain. Paul came to Southampton quite a few times often staying in cramped quarters, no luxury hotels and no money from us apart from paying part of his expenses. Not many people at Paul's time of life would want to travel around the world to continue the fight. I certainly would not want to even if I could.
I do agree with Open Parachute comments on the Middle East.


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