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UK Against Fluoridation

Monday, September 26, 2016

Doug Cross's view on Syria's conflict

Water is life – but in Syria, it is also death.
Incidents of accidental contamination of public water supplies (the Camelford Poisoning) and deliberate contamination aimed at promoting health (fluoridation) attract controversy and even fury. But the targeting of water pumping stations, hospitals and medical facilities and supplies in Syria by Putin and al-Assad is different. These attacks are NOT separate random assaults on vulnerable targets, but part of a deliberate strategy to produce a lethal environment that will kill thousands of their opponents, and demoralise many of those who survive, even if only briefly.
This evil practice constitutes a new form of biological warfare, in which modern technology - aircarft able to deliver their missiles against 'soft' targets with unprecedented precision - are deployed to let loose biological agents that are already present but under control (marginally, perhaps) in the war zone. They may argue that this is not biological warfare, because they do not manufacture the deadly agents, nor deliver them in their missiles, but such wrangling is despicable. Their actions are in flagrant defiance of both the Geneva Convention and Article 1 of the Convention Prohibiting Biological Weapons. Spineless politicans wring their hands but remain silent, so for a less inhibited commentary, see Doug Cross' article on his web site, www.ukcaf.org



  • Can't help but agree with Doug EXCEPT with the "who". Read the Western media and it is obvious - Putin and Assad are evil epitomised.

    However if you ever watch RT (Russia Today) you find their take is very different. And, when you think about it logically - why the hell would Assad (leader of a thriving, moderate, westernised, peaceful country just a few years ago) want to do such things.

    On the other hand the US has been itching to run a civil war in Syria, admits (now!) to arming and training ISIS to overthrow Assad and has an astounding record of war-mongering, lying and false-flagging over 250 years - and especially since WW2.

    Nope - sorry Doug - I prefer Putin's version.

    Particularly when it comes from a leader who is on record as saying he would never poison his countrymen's water supplies with fluoride!

    By Anonymous Cllr. Chris, at 26 September, 2016  

  • Chris, I appreciate your views, but this has nothing to do with the US policy in the Middle East. (Their current problem with Flint's water in Michigan suggests that they would not dare to travel along the lines that I'm discussing!) There is clear evidence of selective targeting of medical facilities and now the water supply in Aleppo by the Syrian/Russian coalition. This is a example of environmental terrorism - the modification of an essential environmental factor (drinking water infrastructure) to increase the risk of consequential harm to the population, coupled with the paralysis of the medical infrastructure that would assist in countering the raised threat of water-borne diseases. This is not a new practice - it's been going on for four and a half thousand years in this very region! So by all means take heed of what Russia Today says - but remember that this is the same outfit that ran the hilarious reports a year or so back that warned that fluoridated toothpaste was being covertly sold to revolting Middle Eastern regimes in order to make Sarin - on the wonderfully creative pretext that this potent nerve agent contains the dreaded FLUORIDE!

    By Anonymous Doug Cross, at 27 September, 2016  

  • Doug - we have to be careful with facts. It was the British press that reported on and condemned the sales of Sodium Fluoride to Middle East groups. It was supposedly for use in making toothpaste - but it also made Sarin gas. Russia Today did no more than pick up on those reports. I'd agree there is the "clear evidence" of targeting medical facilities - it is quite another accusation to then blame Assad or Putin. Which was, I think, the point I was putting. Anyway, we would agree far more than disagree ... ideal for discussion over a pint sometime? :-)

    By Anonymous Cllr. Chris, at 27 September, 2016  

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