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UK Against Fluoridation

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Councillors ignore request for JCU presentation on fluoride science

Cr Richie Bates insists Cairns Regional Council should to listen to evidence about fluoridation from dentistry experts at JCU - with which it has a memorandum of understanding. Picture: Marc McCormackCAIRNS regional councillors have ignored a formal request for James Cook University to explain the scientific evidence about water fluoridation.
Division 5 Councillor Richie Bates moved a motion in a council meeting yesterday for the council to ask the faculty of dentistry at James Cook University to present the scientific evidence relating to fluoridation.
Cr Bates’ rationale pointed to the memorandum of understanding that exists between the council and JCU and said there was overwhelming support for the public health measure from peak medical organisations.
But the responding silence was deafening.
Not one of his eight fellow councillors seconded the motion and it lapsed.
Cr Bates was scathing in his response after the meeting.
“It’s hard to believe that not one other councillor was even prepared to listen to the experts in the field,” he said.
“Even more disturbing was the unwillingness to honour the memorandum of understanding between council and JCU that specifically states that the partnership between the entities is for the enhancement of informed decision making and governance to deliver better outcomes”.
Cr Bates said the refusal by councillors to allow the motion “makes a mockery of the MOU”, which was celebrated and symbolised by two public art sculptures at Munro Martin Parklands and JCU’s Smithfield campus this year.
“It is a shame to see such hypocrisy from my fellow councillors and unacceptable that they couldn’t find time on their $100, 000 wage to consult with the experts,” he said.


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