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UK Against Fluoridation

Monday, September 19, 2016

Calgary - No to fluoride


I cannot believe council is considering putting fluoride back in the water. Has fluoride not been voted out three or four times since it was put in the first time? That poison cannot be allowed to go into the river systems as it will greatly affect the fish and other aquatic life. It will probably cost $6 million or so to re-install the equipment to put that poison in the water (that expense was needed before the voters dumped fluoride the last time). Plus the $750,000 a year the chemical costs. I have a heck of an idea. Figure out a system that every parent or person that wanted to put that (stuff ) in their kids would be able to get fluoride pills for free. It would probably cost less per year. Or better yet, they could use toothpaste with fluoride included. No wonder those pictures of mouth x-rays in the paper looked like they do. As an oldtimer with children and grandchildren and.................


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