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UK Against Fluoridation

Friday, September 09, 2016

Australia - Which candidates support fluoride in your electorate?

Anti fluoride protesters outside Rous Water last year. (Picture Robert Hearne)
Anti fluoride protesters outside Rous Water last year.  (Picture Robert Hearne)Anti-fluoride campaigners are calling on voters to consider which of their council candidates support the ongoing fluoridation of water supplies in Ballina and Lismore electorates.
‘Fluoridation has been the most contentious issue in our region with well over 5,000+ petition signatures of objection to an non pharmaceutical grade, unregulated, industrial toxic poisonous waste being dispersed into our public water supply with long term detrimental health affects,’ according to the Ballina Fluoridation Free Network.
‘Silicofluorides and sodium fluoride have never been listed nor approved by the TGA, the Commonwealth Therapeutic Goods Administration.
‘With the weight of scientific evidence available from up to date research into the long lasting health side affects of fluoridation it should have been evidence enough for councillors to engage the Precautionary Principal and vote against fluoridation of our public water supply.
‘From freedom of information, we have documented evidence that at least 3 out 5 fluoridation plants in our area have been malfunctioning since the beginning of fluoridation and the levels of fluoridating agent have not been at regulation level of 1ppm.
‘The NHMRC are reviewing whether the level should be lowered to 0.7ppm.  Lismore councillor Vanessa Ekins has put up a motion (at Rous Water) to suspended fluoridation until the results of the review.
The Ballina Fluoridation Free Network sent messages to all the candidates who supplied email addresses.............................


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