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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Canada - Fluoride decision may be taken away from municipalities

Ontario’s Liberal government is poised to take over the decision of adding fluoride to municipal drinking water, which could change the course of a contentious three-year-old resolution by the City of Windsor to remove the chemical from its water supply.
The issue of whether or not to add fluoride in drinking water has become such a hot-button topic in municipalities like Windsor that the province is looking at stepping in by the end of the year. 
Liberal MPP Bob Delaney (Mississauga-Streetsville) has already presented several petitions calling for change in the Fluoridation Act that would remove the responsibility from municipalities. He expects to have submitted up to 250,000 signatures calling for the change in the coming months and has support from local health units, including Windsor.
Mayor Drew Dilkens believes that can’t happen soon enough.
“Why leave this public health decision to municipal councillors — a vast majority who have no science background, no real ability to make a truly informed decision whether it’s safe to have fluoride in drinking water or not,” he said.
Windsor’s council, following a heated debate, voted in 2013 to remove the additive from drinking water against the advice of its own Medical Officer of Health. But councillors were convinced after community groups voiced concerns and presented evidence the chemical causes weaker joints and more broken bones over time. Council’s decision included a five-year moratorium before it could be revisited.....................


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